The Scope of What We Do


Mapping out your future begins with clarifying your desires and needs. From here we can work with you to craft a plan for each piece of the Aging Puzzle.

  •  Continuum of Care / Medical
  • Financial / Budgeting
  • Legal / Estate
  • Personal / Administrative

When complete, you will have a document that outlines your preferences for multiple scenarios and highlight any remaining decisions to be made.


Implementing and Coordination of Plans

A few of the ways we can assist …

  • Interviewing and vetting care personnel
  • Coordinating medical appointments
  • Researching/vetting/negotiating with living options
  • Regularly assessing needs
  • Navigating moving residences
  • Assist unraveling bureaucratic messes
  • Available as a designated guardian
  • Ensuring bills are paid and accounts are reconciled
  • Research and vet financial service professionals
  • Interface with trust departments
  • Coordinate professional services
  • Manage household vendors and services
  • Organize and backup physical and digital documents and data

Plan Your Care

We provide resources for:

  • Senior Care
  • Elder Care
  • Planning End-of-Life Care
  • Managed Care
  • Healthcare Consulting
  • Long-Term Care
  • Home Care
  • Nonprofits
  • Social Services
  • Budgets
  • Medicare
  • Small Business
  • Hospitals
  • Program Development
  • Case Management

Talk to Us Today

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