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Lucas Advisor provides support in these advocacy areas: assessment, care management, consultation, counseling, crisis intervention, education, information and referral services, and placement.

Are Any Of These True For You?

1. Are you worried about others taking over your parents’ affairs, or are you being forced into a situation not of your choosing?


2. Do you feel at a loss when trying to figure out how to prepare a plan so you KNOW your wishes and desires will be honored?


3. Do you wake up in a cold sweat or from a nightmare realizing that you don’t have anything in place and your dog will go to someone you hate!

4. Do you secretly think you have memory loss, Dementia or Alzheimer’s and are worried about what to do next?

5. Have you known someone who has suffered a serious health setback and are worried you don’t have a plan if something happens to you?

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